For decades, Friends of Yosemite Valley (FOYV) led the struggle against harmful new development plans in Yosemite National Park. Through our successful Wild and Scenic Rivers Act litigation, our grassroots organizing, and public and press outreach, FOYV stopped much of a surge of development in Yosemite that began in 1997 after a major flood. FOYV also addressed development issues outside of the Valley’s boundaries that affected the natural wonders of the park.

FOYV is no longer actively working in Yosemite. But we hope you will consider supporting Unite the Parks—a grassroots movement to unite Yosemite and Kings Canyon—whose work we respect and admire. Learn more about their important efforts to protect and enhance this special part of the Sierra Nevada at:

We are grateful for the support over the years of so many individuals and organizations like Trees Foundation. Thank you!